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BENCHMARK HOMES    Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

FINISH PROJECT:   New Cart Barn                OWNER: Plantation at Ponte Vedra                CONTRACTOR:  HOUSE & HOME





Safewalls commercial work continues to build on "Quality" and company reputation. 






Safewall develops high end custom market for concrete walls in Jacksonville, FL



Safewall launches Pensacola operations.....




Pensacola, Florida


Orange Park, Florida

Custom home above has 12' high walls, 54 corners and 45 openings

Finished Home

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida


Safewall's Florida market continues to expand, not only in the specialty custom home area, but into multi-story condo's and the single family affordable home market. 

Safewall's president Ken Krantz was recently asked a question on how his company

markets poured concrete walls....(REPLY) " We keep it simple...... Our concrete walls

are high wind resistant, nothing better on the market that is more energy efficient,

and I have yet to find a termite that eats concrete."

Safewall launches Northeast Florida operations.

Safewall builds safe affordable classrooms to house Sunday School classes for local church.

BV 160 high volume concrete pump.  Safewall uses special 4500 psi design concrete which is standard on all Safewall projects. 

Private aircraft hanger - Lake City, FL

Custom Home - Marsh Landing- Jacksonville, FL
Over 700 LF of exterior walls - up to 14' high

Grade 60 reinforcing steel is standard for all Safewall projects which is 50% stronger than grade 40 which is used on most residential jobs.  

Thermal Mass and R-Value:  
Making Sense of a Confusing Issue

Concrete's Sound Reducing Qualities and Air-Tightness Make Your Home a Quieter and More Comfortable Living Environment

The Peace And Quiet Of Concrete

Land for homebuilding is becoming more scarce and we're forced to build our homes closer together and near noise sources like highways, railways, and airports. Concrete homes provide the necessary sound reducing qualities to provide the kind of quiet comfort we all look for in a home.

The greater mass of concrete walls can reduce sound penetrating through a wall by over 80 percent when compared to wood-frame construction. Although some sound will penetrate the windows, a concrete home is often two-thirds quieter than a wood-frame home.

 Benefits for Concrete Homes
Fire-resistance and strength are characteristics of concrete that continue to make it attractive to the residential construction market today. Since concrete is incombustible, it provides superior fire protection. This fire resistance is recognized by insurance companies, who commonly offer lower rates to owners of concrete homes. During major fires in southern California in the early 1990s, for example, concrete homes were left standing while complete subdivisions burned around them. Concrete's natural strength and stability have also proven valuable in regions of the country subject to wind producing storms such as tornadoes and hurricanes. Concrete homes in southern Florida withstood the effects of major storms in the early 1990s, sustaining less damage and posing less of a threat to their occupants' safety than their wood- and steel-frame counterparts.  Concrete's resistance to rot, rust, and infestation by insects has contributed to its popularity for residential construction in hot, humid states such as Florida.

Concrete Safe Rooms Save Lives

"If you don't remember anything else I say today, for goodness' sake, build a safe room in your home when you rebuild," President Clinton told residents during a visit to Del City after a storm. "We will be able to save nearly everybody if we can do this."
                                                                              - from USA Today, July 6, 1999.

Concrete Homes Save Energy

Building a concrete home saves energy and money. The greater insulation, tighter construction, and temperature-smoothing mass of the walls conserve heating and cooling energy much better than conventional wood-frame walls. This reduces monthly fuel bills. It also allows use of smaller heating and cooling equipment, saving money in construction.  Once in place, concrete offers significant energy savings over the lifetime of a building. In homes and buildings concrete’s thermal mass, bolstered by insulating materials, affords high R-factors and moderates temperature swings by storing and releasing energy needed for heating and cooling.

Habitat and Concrete Bring Quality to Affordable Housing
Homes will save families as much as 44% on energy bills  

ATLANTA—Affordable yet high-quality housing has long been the mission of the concrete home industry, and now it will be a reality for three families in suburban Atlanta. Using an innovative concrete wall system, the Gwinnett County Habitat for Humanity is building two concrete homes, and the South Fulton County Habitat for Humanity is following suit with its first concrete home, currently under construction.  

Homes built with concrete walls can save owners up to 44 percent on energy bills, and they are 66 percent quieter than wood homes—two great benefits that make concrete homes a solid investment for any family. 

What are Customers?

Homeowner's Worksheet:
Assessing Your Risk

The True Story Of the 3 Little Pigs!

This is the true story of the 3 little pigs told by the wolf himself.

New Concrete Alliance Promotes Solid Concrete Homes

Mt. Vernon, Iowa     Concrete construction for safe and energy-efficient housing has perhaps its strongest spokesman ever with the recent formation of the Concrete Homes Council (CHC) based in Mount Vernon, Iowa.  The alliance includes concrete industry systems providers, builders, developers, concrete contractors, and concrete industries, who advocate above-grade, cast-in-place concrete construction as the smartest, long-term, and quality alternative to traditional wood- and steel-framed homes.

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